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Our First Tasting Event – Ben Hanna Winery

Our first wine tasting was held on June 6th and we hosted Shlomi Zadok, owner and winemaker of the Ben-Hanna winery. Attendance was about 30 people, which was less than I hoped for but more than I expected.

Many of those who came were special friends of ours or Shlomi’s, making the day something of a social event.

Shlomi brought his Shalem 2005 and Mediterraneo 2005 blends. These are both very good wines now and they promise to improve in the bottle over the next several years. These and the other Ben-Hanna wines are described on the winery’s website at http://www.ben-hanna.com. You can also read Shlomi’s posting with his thoughts about the tasting at the website.

As a special treat, Shlomi brought a bottle of his very first wine, vinted in 2002 and appropriately dubbed Breisheet. This is a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon made from grapes grown in the S’de Boker region of the Negev highlands. The wine was pleasant when opened and it improved throughout the day, reaching it’s peak about two hours after opening, at which point it was extraordinary. I’m no good at describing the flavors in wine, but suffice it to say I’d pay a pretty penny for this wine if there was any left to buy. To my extreme good fortune, Shlomi left me one of the very last bottles of the Breisheet along with several other assorted bottles as a thank you for hosting the event.

Along with the wine were tastings of my wife Dina’s unique Swedish cookies and breads. Shlomi claimed that he devoured half of those tastings, and I tend to believe him.

Both Shlomi and Dina sold respectable quantities of their respective offerings, and everyone went home happy.

For a first time event I consider this to have been an unqualified success, and Dina & I look forward to the next one. Check back regularly to see what we have in store, or drop me a line at ydwine1@gmail.com and I’ll put you on my mailing list.



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