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Visit to Anatot Winery

Lots of catching up to do.

In October we moved to another house in Har Adar. Just down the street from our previous house, and also with a garden, so we’ll be able to continue having tastings. I’ll update the map when I’ve got a chance and will post details of the next tasting as soon as they’re finalized. Should be sometime soon after Pesach.

On a quiet Shabbat in November we took out the Yoav Yehuda wine map looking for some place new to visit. We ended up at the Anatot winery located in Moshav Anatot just east of Jerusalem.

Anatot is a small operation run by two partners who are both gainfully employed in other professions, and who make wine because they love doing it.

When we arrived we were warmly greeted by Arnon Erez (one of the partners) and he gave us a complete tour and told us the history of the winery. Arnon’s partner, Aharon Helfgot, is a mechanical wizard, and he has manufactured and customized much of the winery’s equipment so the two partners can do all of the work themselves without having to buy lots of expensive equipment.

After the tour we sat down with Arnon in the garden and he opened a bottle for us from one of the winery’s first vintages. I’m afraid I don’t remember what we drank (I didn’t take notes) but it was full bodied, well integrated, and very pleasant. That wine wasn’t available for sale, but we did buy a bottle from a more recent vintage and had it with dinner soon after. The wines are very reasonably priced and are a very good value in my opinion.

Altogether a very enjoyable visit.

We told Arnon about our tastings in Har Adar and he’s interested, so if you can’t visit Anatot, you’ll hopefully be able to try his wines at our place sometime this spring or summer.


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