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5 August – Wine Festival 2009 at the Israel Museum

This event is always great fun, and this year was no exception. The weather was pleasant, the company excellent, and the wine plentiful and varied.

Having learned our lesson from last year, we bought our tickets in advance and went on the middle day this time. We arrived shortly before 8 pm just as the place was starting to fill up.

I was pleased this year that the magazine that was distributed at the entrance included a list of the wineries present and the wines they were presenting. That made it much easier to decide in advance what to try. Unfortunately, the listing did not include the vintages of the wines, and I didn’t think at the time to write them down. The wineries were also listed in order of their locations in the sculpture garden, making it easier to find them.

Our gang this year grew somewhat from last year. From left to right we are:

Steve (visiting again this year from the States), Yossi Yitach, owner and winemaker of the Katlav Winery, Shlomi Zadok, owner and winemaker of the Ben-Hanna Winery, Avi Yehuda, owner and winemaker of the Yehuda Winery, and yours truly. In front are our delightful wives: Dina (mine), Malki (Yossi Y’s), and Hila (Shlomi’s). Can you tell we’re having a good time (but why are our glasses empty?)?

The Gang 2009

I started out looking for refreshing white wines, but I was a bit disappointed. A number of the Sauvignon Blanc’s that I tried were too heavy and fruity for my taste; I prefer them crisp and fresh. My winners in this department were the Psagot Viognier, of which I was already a fan, the Gamla Sauvignon Blanc, and the Pelter Sauvignon Blanc.

I had significantly more success with reds. Here are the ones I particularly liked (in random order):

  • Avidan – Segol
  • Psagot – Merlot
  • Pelter – Trio
  • Barkan Reserve – Pinotage (much improved over previous vintages)
  • Yatir – Merlot-Shiraz-Cabernet blend
  • Carmel Appellation (Ezori) – Cabernet Franc
  • Dalton – Barbera

As I have been wanting to try Pelter’s wines for quite some time, I was especially pleased that they were present at this year’s festival and that their wines are much to my liking. I just hope I can afford them.

Of course, Dina could not resist the chocolate table, so we made a quick stop there and she bought a few morsels. Quality wines and chocolates definitely complement each other.

Chocolate Table 2009


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