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28 August – Picking Merlot at Yekev Yehuda

Friday morning we got up bright and early and went to Shoresh at 6-ish to help Avi Yehuda harvest the grapes from the small organic vineyard on the slope next to the winery, along with about a dozen more of his friends. The weather was cool and pleasant and we finished harvesting the grapes in just over an hour.

Merlot 2009 - harvesting

Merlot 2009 - Dina

Merlot 2009 - on the vine

Then we loaded the grapes into the crusher and poured the juice and skins into a stainless tank. It was just about a barrel’s worth. The grapes were beautiful and sweet, and measured in at about 23.5 brix.

Merlot 2009 - into the crusherMerlot 2009 - in the tank

After the “work” was done, Avi laid out breakfast, including his 2001 blend that I like so much. Wine for breakfast? Why not?

Merlot 2009 - breakfast

Dina & I didn’t stay too long since we needed to head off to Ikea for the 7th anniversary of our first date. No blog entry for that.


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One thought on “28 August – Picking Merlot at Yekev Yehuda

  1. We had intended to come–but our dog whelped a few days before…the puppies are gorgeous but are keeping us quite busy!

    Well, thanks to you, I may have not participated in a batsir this year, but at least I did see pictures!

    Happy anniversary 🙂

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