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March 19, 2011 – Future Wines at Yekev Soreq

Today we visited the Soreq Winery at Moshav Tal Shahar for the first day of their future wines tasting and sales.

On offer were two new wines – Shiraz 2010 and Petit Verdot 2009.

Both wines are 100% varietals, and both are made from grapes from prime vineyard regions. The Shiraz grapes are from Safsoufa in the north (near Kerem Ben Zimra), and the Petit Verdot is from Moshav Mata, not far from Tal Shahar.

Since I have a cold, I’m not tasting things so well, but I could still tell that the Petit Verdot is something special, and Dina agreed. At the futures price this wine is a steal (especially since there’s an additional case discount) and it didn’t take us too long to decide to buy a case.

This is the second Israeli varietal Petit Verdot that I like, the other being from the Ben Hanna winery. Not surprisingly, the grapes come from the same place.

The Shiraz was not so much to my taste, but considering how young it still is, I doubt that my impression is particularly valid. I have not yet developed the ability to evaluate the potential of such a young wine.

Nir Shaham, the winemaker, was also offering three very young wines directly from the barrels, at the bargain basement price of three for NIS 120. The wines were bottled on the spot for each purchase. The three wines are a Viognier, a Rose, and a Cabernet/Merlot blend.

Viognier is a particular favorite of ours, though this one was a bit too fruity for our taste. If you like your whites very fruity, this is a wine you should try. The Rose (essentially a Cabernet Blush) had a pleasant off-dry character with a lovely hint of strawberries in the aroma. I also liked the red blend, which will be a perfect everyday wine once it settles down a bit.

These wines are bottled without any preservatives, which will appeal to those of you who prefer their wine “all natural.” As a result, these wines should be consumed early; Nir recommended keeping them for no more than half a year.

Along with the futures and young wines, Soreq’s “regular” wines were also available at discount prices.

Soreq will be continuing the futures tasting and sales next weekend (March 25-26), and I definitely recommend going if you can.

I also asked Nir whether he would be holding the home wineries fair again this year, and he said it was planned for late April, after Pesach. This is also an event not be missed, as you can see from past postings.


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