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4 Nov 11 – 3rd Annual Judean Hills Wineries Run

I’m not a runner. Really.

As a kid I was quite asthmatic; I couldn’t exert myself very long without wheezing and losing my breath, so I didn’t much like sports and I almost never ran.

But this was a wineries run and I wanted the shirt.

About a year ago, Dina & I started on an LCHF regime, significantly lowering the carbohydrates in our diets and increasing natural saturated fats. This is a rather controversial practice, but it is gaining popularity, and you can’t argue with the results. We both lost a bunch of belly fat and started feeling more energetic without ever being hungry.

With all the extra energy, we decided to start doing some jogging. Actually, Dina decided to start doing some jogging, and good sport and loving supportive husband that I am, I agreed to go along. The more we did it, the more Dina enjoyed it and the less I did. Never mind.

Recently I worked my way up to about 5 km (while Dina stayed home working on her LCHF blog), so I figured why not do the 5k wineries run, and I signed up.

Friday morning I managed to get up early, even though I had been at the wineries fair the night before (see previous posting), and we drove to the kickoff point by Kibbutz Nachshon.

First I went to the signup table and got my number and shirt. I actually thought about leaving then since I already had the shirt, but that wouldn’t have been very honorable.

After we waited around for a while and did some stretching, Moshe Dadon, the head of the Matte Yehuda Regional Council, said a few inspiring words followed by a toast with Nachson’s triple vintage Syrah (see yesterday’s posting). Then the 265 participants in the 18k run gathered at the starting line; the horn sounded and they were off.

Ten minutes later it was our turn. The horn sounded again and we 5k runners (there were just 49 of us) followed in the wake of the 18k’ers.

You may recall that there was quite a downpour on Thursday night. Consequently there some very muddy spots along the way. Not that I mind mud, but this was the thick gooey kind and the buildup easily added up to a kg to each shoe (at least it felt that way) until I managed to scrape most of it off. There were also several large and deep puddles on the route, and we had to detour through some heavy rushes to get around them. A machete would have been handy.

I’m not really complaining. It was fun (kind of), though it was harder than I expected and I had to stop to walk a bit a few times (I wasn’t the only one), before I could get my legs working properly again.

Bottom line is that I managed to finish, and not in too shabby a position either. I was 24th out of 49 overall, and 11th out of 15 adult men (many were a good bit my junior).

Guess I’ll have to train better before next year’s run.


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One thought on “4 Nov 11 – 3rd Annual Judean Hills Wineries Run

  1. I would join the run, but needed recovery after Nike Night

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