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Sneak Preview at Chillag

This afternoon I happened to be near the Yehud industrial area with some time on my hands, so I decided to stop by the Chillag Winery just to say hi.

I was greeted by Yoram Chillag, husband of winemaker Orna Chillag. Apparently I had just missed Orna and Yariv, the manager of the winery, who had left a few minutes earlier.

Anyway, Yoram decided that since I was already there I should sample their two new soon-to-be-launched white wines.

First up was a French Colombard – Riesling blend, with an aroma that is a dead giveaway for the French Colombard. This wine is a bit sweet but still light and refreshing. Yoram told me that the grapes are from a very old, neglected vineyard near Binyamina that yielded only about 300 kg per dunam.

The second wine was a Sauvignion Blanc with a bit of Viognier to round it out. The grapes are from Kerem Ben Zimra. Yariv had given me a tasting of the Sauvignon Blanc from the tank a few months ago, and its crispness appealed to me. The Viognier adds some body and softens the Sauvignon Blanc just a bit.

These are both excellent wines and they will be perfect for the hot weather, which will be here before we know it.

Chillag is planning to launch these new whites on a Friday in a couple of weeks, and a mailing will be going out soon. In the meantime, mark you calenders for this event. I predict that these wines will sell out quickly.

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