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Tel Aviv Wine Fair 2013 at the Eretz Israel Museum

Most wine fairs/festivals I’ve attended in Israel have some kind of unifying theme or character. Judean hills wineries, home wineries, kibbutz wineries, wineries in the north, white wines, Kosher wines, value for money wines. You get the picture. The Tel Aviv Wine Festival at the Eretz Israel museum was not like that at all. I suppose it was more in the Tel Aviv spirit of just going out to have a good time. Certainly nothing wrong with that. Read more…

A Wine Day on Crete

Sometimes, despite the best of planning, things just don’t work out.

And then there are the times when, with little or no planning at all,  fortune smiles upon us and a perfect day ensues. Recently we had just such a day.

Dina and I have just returned from a long weekend trip on Crete, Read more…

Ramot Naftali Wineries Festival 2013

Ramot Naftali is a picturesque, peaceful hilltop moshav in the upper Galil. These are the vital statistics:

  • Population:  (as of December 2011): 530 souls
  • B&Bs: 14
  • Boutique Wineries: 4

Read more…

2013 White Wine Fair at the Herzlia Marina

Last year the White Wine Festival at the Herzlia marina was held on the Fourth of July, so I considered it an appropriate celebration even though there were no fireworks and no orchestra playing the 1812 Overture. This year it was moved up considerably; I’m guessing the reason has to do with promoting white wine sales before Shavuot. Makes sense since whites generally go better than reds with the dairy foods that are consumed in quantity for that holiday. Of course there are plenty of reds that go nicely with dairy dishes as well, especially those that are generously seasoned or dishes made with mature flavorful cheeses. Also the weather was quite hot last July adding to the allure of the white wines, and this year it was rather coolish in the evening.

Read more…

White Wine Festival at Herzlia Marina This Week

For the fifth year in a row, the Herzlia Marina will be hosting a White Wine Festival, feature white wines, rosés and sparkling wines from Israel and around the world.

The festival will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, May 8 – 9, at 18:00 – 23:30. According to the forecast, the weather will be rather hot, so it should be just right for whites and bubblies.

Entry costs is NIS 65. That gets you unlimited tastings and you can keep the glass.

Here’s the official announcement.

5th Annaul White Wine Festival

A complete list of exhibitors and wines is on the Grape-Man website here.

I attended this festival for the first time last year (see my posting here) and had quite a good time, so I’m looking forward to going again.

Hope to see you there.

Israeli Wine Fair – Rosh Pina (May 3, 2013)

Last year I missed the Tal Shahar Home Wineries Fair because it coincided with the Jacob’s Ladder Festival. This year I was able to attend the Israeli Wine Fair for precisely the same reason. Jacob’s Ladder is held at Nof Ginosar, and the Israeli Wine Fair took place a short 20 minute drive away in Rosh Pina.


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