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Amazing Deals at the Soreq Winery

Just came back from a quick visit to the Soreq Winery at their new location in Kibbutz Nahshon. I had gone to pick up some of their outstanding varietal Petite Verdot that I enjoy so much. This is an extremely full bodied wine that is fantastic with thick steaks and barbecued meats.

At NIS 60 per bottle (case price), it’s an excellent deal, but when I arrived I discovered that the Petite Verdot was on sale for NIS 45! Not only that, but a number of other Soreq wines, including varietal Cabernet Sauvignon, varietal Merlot, and a Cab-Merlot blend were on sale at the same price. On top of that, the Rosé and Viognier made by students at Soreq’s wine making school were also being sold at that price, and as icing on the cake, Soreq’s Port style wine was also being sold at NIS 45!!! Read more…


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