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Arens Estate Red 2010

When I have a bit of spare time, and sometimes even when I don’t, I enjoy stopping by the Ctonaut Binyamina liquor store located behind the Binyamina train station. The proprietors are friendly and knowledgeable, the prices are reasonable, and there’s always something nice to taste. Also it’s just a stone’s throw from home, making it easy to fit a quick visit into my busy Friday schedule.

Today I went there specifically to get a few bottles of Seahorse Winery‘s Take Two blend of Zinfandel and Petite Syrah. (Last week at the Judean Hills Wine Fair, Seahorse’s winemaker Ze’ev Dunie, who knows how much I enjoy the Take Two, told me that he had sold out of it at the winery so I should stock up at the local shop before it’s all gone.)

As I entered the store I saw tastings of a local wine that was unknown to me. Upon closer investigation I saw that winemaker Kobi Arens, accompanied by his wife Hadas, was pouring tastings of his 2010 Red Blend. This was quite serendipitous as several months ago I had arranged to meet Kobi at his home for a visit to his vineyards and to sample his wine, but due to technical difficulties we had to cancel, and we never managed to reschedule.


Kobi’s 2010 Estate Red Blend is an unusual and interesting blend of Syrah (66%), Petit Verdot (17%), Carignan (12%), and Morvedre (5%). On first attack this wine is a bit aggressive, which is not surprising considering that the two main varieties in the blend are both known for their dominant character. After a few minutes the wine softened a bit and was very pleasant to drink. It is fruity, but not overly so, full bodied and mouth filling, with firm tannins and a long spicy finish.

This is a wine that I would want with a really good juicy hamburger or spicy kebab.

While it is definitely drinkable now, I’m guessing the wine will benefit from another year or two in the bottle, during which time it will soften even more and the flavors will become more integrated. Time will tell.

For visits or more information, contact Kobi at kobiarens@gmail.com or (050) 542-8836.


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