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Festival Update

As promised, new and updated information about the Festival of Wine & Plenty.

Festival of Wine & Plenty 2014 Banner - English

Wine Seminars – Wednesday, April 9th
The seminar day on Wednesday April 9th of the festival is no longer by invitation only. It is intended for wine professionals and serious enthusiasts, but anyone can attend. The program and schedule for the seminar day have not been finalized yet, but I do know that there will be sessions presented by visiting international wine authorities. I’ll post more details when I get them.

There will be an extra charge of NIS 38 to attend the day of seminars. Ticket sales are here.

Margalit Tasting Workshops
During both evenings of the festival there will be special tasting workshops given by Yair and Asaf Margalit, the father and son winemaking team from the Margalit Winery. The workshops will feature some of Margalit’s finest wines including:

Margalit 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve

  • Cabernet Franc 2009
  • Enigma 2008
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve 2005

It is rare to find anything other than Margalit’s latest vintage available at public tastings, not to mention a wine as old as 2005, so this promises to be something quite unique.

The workshops will be held in a private room at 19:00 and 21:00 on each evening of the festival, and will last about 45 minutes. Each workshop is limited to 14 participants so it’s important to book in advance. The cost of these workshops is NIS 50 in addition to the festival entrance fee.

Something to Eat
The food to be offered for sale at the festival includes four special “street food” dishes originally prepared by participants in the Master Chef program, and selected by chef Benny Ben-Israel to complement the wines at the festival.

  • Benny’s Arancini with portobello mushrooms and cheese
  • Shai’s Calzone with blue cheese and pears
  • Eti’s savory Knafeh with sweet potatoes and ricotta
  • Tom’s potato salad with anchovies

Benny's Arancini     Shai's Calzone

Every hour on the hour, on both evenings of the festival, one of these dishes will be prepared by the chef who created it. The dishes will be prepared outdoors in the gardens, and there will be video screens to make sure everyone can see.  All of the dishes are kosher and dairy, and they’ll be for sale at the very reasonable price of NIS 20. The recipes will be given out to any and all who want them, and you can also see them here  (sorry, only in Hebrew).

That’s it for now.


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