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Coming Events: 4th Annual Ra’anana Wine & Beer Festival – June 25 & 26, 2014

After the last few incredibly busy weeks of wine events, we all get a short break to prepare for this year’s Ra’anana Wine & Beer Festival to be held on Wednesday & Thursday evenings, June 25 & 26 2014, in the beautiful Ra’anana Park (look here for directions and a map).

Ra'anana Wine Festival 2014

Surprisingly, I’ve never been to the Ra’anana Festival so I’m really looking forward to this one. This year, along with wineries, the festival will be hosting a number of local micro-breweries, adding yet another dimension to the event.

Here’s the list of participating wineries and others so far:

Israeli Wineries Imports Liquors & Libations
Adir Bartenura Buster’s Cider
Arza Cantina Gabriele Berlin Vodka
Dalton Gerard Wineries Cohen’s Anise Liqueur
Gat Shomron Herzog PassionFruit Liquer
Jerusalem Heights Italian Kosher Wine
Mond Breweries
Nachal Hermon Shapiro
Netofa Alexander
Psagot Hadubim
Recanati Jems
Tanya Dancing Camel
Tishbi Srigim
Tura Ronen

All of the wines will be kosher, making this one of the few wine festivals in Israel at which observant Jews can sample all of the wines.

Each of the seven breweries will be featuring a different style of beer: Shapiro with a Wheat Beer, Jems with a Strong Belgian Ale, Ronen with an IPA, etc. Hopefully this means that there will be at least one beer that appeals to you (assuming you’re a beer drinker).

Of course, the requisite boutique cheeses, chocolates, and olive oil, along with various gourmet foods, will be available as is expected at such events.

For a relaxed atmosphere, and to avoid crowding, the winery, brewery, and food booths will be set up around the lake in the park

The festivities will be accompanied by live folk rock music: Jokers & Thieves on the 25th, and She Rock on the 26th. Both bands are worth hearing.

This year’s festival will also feature two very special tasting workshops. On Wednesday June 25th, Gilad Flam, a co-founder of the Flam Winery, will be giving a workshop (in Hebrew), featuring seven of Flam’s wines, from the 2011, 2012, and 2013 vintages. For more details, check out the announcement here.

On Thursday June 26th, Ariel ben-Zaken, CEO of the Castel Winery, will be presenting a rare workshop featuring Castel’s renowned wines. Castel is not often open to the public, nor do they generally participate in public wine events, so this is an opportunity not be missed. Look here for more information.

Places are limited to 15 participants for each workshop, so I advise you to register early. The workshops cost NIS 75, in addition to the cost of a festival ticket, but considering the wineries and the wines being presented, this is hardly unreasonable, particularly if you are a serious wine enthusiast. For reservations, contact David Rhodes at (054) 377-1448.

The festival will open each evening at 19:00 and will run until 23:00. Admission costs NIS 70 and NIS 60 for Ra’anana residents and soldiers, but the organizers have been kind enough to provide me with this link to purchase discount tickets for NIS 59.

Baligam is offering an even better deal at NIS 45, but I don’t know how long that will be available, as the countdown timer for the deal keeps changing.

To find out about other wine events, have a look at my Google Calendar of Wine Events in Israel; I’ll do my best to keep it up-to-date.




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