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Wineland (B’Shvil HaYayin) 2014 Pre-Festival Tour

This year’s Wineland Festival included over two weeks of wine events in the Galil and Golan, starting at the end of May and running halfway through June. It was literally impossible to attend them all, though I tried my best. To get an idea of how much was going on, have a look at the schedule.

But for some of us the fun actually began even earlier, as the promoters organized a promotional tour a week before the opening of the festival for journalists and other “influential” wine people, and I was delighted to be invited.

Our bus was scheduled to leave Tel Aviv at 08:00, and we actually did leave at about 08:15 which is better than I expected. The optimistic itinerary included five wineries, a short jeep trip, and lunch, not to mention quite a few km on the road. That we managed to finish up only an hour or so later than planned, without skipping anything (though we did cut short a few stops along the way), is a credit to our driver and to the organizers who it seems had each visit timed down to the minute.

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