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Pre-Passover and Election Day Wine Events

You can always tell when the Passover holiday is approaching in Israel because there are loads of wine events, all at the same time, and this year is no exception. To see what’s going on, have a look at my calendar of wine events. Don’t even think about trying to attend all of these events – it’s just not possible. I will make a valiant attempt, at least for the events nearby, but I’ll still fall short.

And with election day (Tuesday March 18th) falling right during the run-up to Passover this year, many of the smaller wineries, which generally only open their doors on weekends, will take advantage of most people being off work that day to welcome the public to come taste (and buy) their wines, and become acquainted with the winery. Just think of it as an extra opportunity to visit a favorite winery or one you haven’t managed to get to yet.

These are the wineries I know of (so far) that will be open on election day:

I’m sure there are more for this list, but those are just the ones I know about.

If there are other wineries you’d like to visit on election day, just give them a call to see if they’re around. I also recommend calling those wineries that are on the list just to make sure you arrive at a convenient time.

But before you go visiting wineries, make sure to do you your civic duty at the polls.

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