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Salute 2015 Ra’anana – June 24-25

Now that the spate of pre and post Shavuot wine events, and the month long Bshvil Hayain (Wineland) festival in the north, are behind us, it’s time again for the annual wine festival in Park Ra’anana, which will take place this year on Wednesday and Thursday, June 24 & 25 at 18:30 – 23:00.Salute Ra'anana 2015 (24-25 Jun 15) - crop

As in the past, the festival will be held by the lake in the park, making for a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

Here’s the list of participating wineries that I have received.  This is a tentative list as some wineries have not yet confirmed their participation and others might join at the last minute. As you can see, the vast majority are kosher wineries.

Arza (K) Kerem Barak Red Poetry
Gat Shomron (K) Kinor David (K) Tanya (K)
Gush Etzion (K) Lavi (liqueurs) (K) Teperberg (K)
Gvaot (K) Midbar (K) Tishbi (K)
Har Adar (K) Netofa (K) Tlamim (K)
Har Bracha (K) Or Haganuz (K) Tzuba (K)
Har Odem (K) Passionfruit Man (K)

Admission to the festival costs NIS 75 for the general public and NIS 60 for Ra’anana residents, for tickets purchased at the gate. Admission gets you a tasting glass (to keep) and more-or-less unlimited tastings of the more than 70 wines that will be flowing. (Remember, the idea is to taste and learn about the wines, not to drink as much as you can.)

NIS 50 discount tickets can be purchased in advance on the Baligam website at this link.

Of course there will be all kinds of food to buy, including cheese, chocolate, and various baked confections.

There will be live 60’s & 70’s music on both evenings to enhance the mood.

I am also told that there will be some wine workshops, but no details are available yet.

For more information call E&M Products at (074) 703-7063.


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