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Wine or Beer?

Dina, my wife, is Swedish. As her English is outstanding there was never any reason for me to learn Swedish. Nevertheless, a few years ago I thought it might be fun to learn a few words so we could converse without the kids understanding us, and so I’d be able to manage a bit better when visiting Sweden. So I bought a cheap self-taught Swedish course on eBay and started listening to the lessons in the car on my way to work. It turns out that this course featured choice phrases like “would you like to go back to your place or mine” making it ideal for guys trying to pick up Swedish women, but other than that it was not particularly useful.

So what has this to do with liquid libations? Well, one of the phrases in the course that struck a chord with me was Vill du dricka vin eller öl which means, Would you like to drink wine or beer?

It so happens that wine and beer lovers alike have reason to rejoice, as Israel’s largest wine and beer tasting events are taking place next week (Sommelier is arguably the largest wine tasting event, but it is geared to professionals rather than the public).

Jerusalem Wine Festival 2017

Now in its 14th year, the Jerusalem Wine Festival at the Israel Museum is a huge happening with dozens of wineries (many of Israel’s finest among them), hundreds of wines, winemakers happy to share their stories, their passion, and their wine with whoever will listen, live music, and delicacies including cheeses, chocolates, olive oil, etc., all in the museum’s beautiful sculpture garden.

The festival has become so popular that in recent years it has expanded to four evenings. This year it is being held Monday through Thursday, August 7-10 at 19:00-23:00.

Tickets, which get a glass to keep and unlimited tastings, cost NIS 95 and are available at the museum ticket counters or online.

For more information, visit the festival’s website (Hebrew only I’m afraid) or Facebook page.

A word to the wise, the first nights are usually less crowded than the later ones. Also, parking at the museum is always a challenge for the festival.

Beers 2017

And for the beer lovers, there’s the Beers Festival in Tel Aviv.

The proliferation of craft breweries seems to have followed in the footsteps of the boutique wineries, and now there are dozens, producing beers in a wide range of styles, from traditional to unique and unusual.

Of course the best place to try these beers is at Beers! Lots of Israel beers along with many popular and some not so well known imports – some 200 beers in all. If you want to drink and party, try a different event, but if you want to learn about the different styles of beer and discover the many wonderful beers being made here in Israel, this is the event for you.

Just like the boutique winemakers, the craft brewers will be only too happy to tell you their stories, explain about the ingredients and processes they use, and of course to let you sample their product.

Along with the beer will be live entertainment and various food stalls.

This 7th annual Beers Festival will be held Tuesday through Thursday, August 8-10 at 18:00-23:00, at the Old Station complex in Tel Aviv. Tickets cost NIS 75 at the gate or NIS 50 in advance via the Festival’s Facebook page. Entry gets you five 100 ml tasting coupons, and additional coupons will be sold at the event in blocks of five for NIS 30.

With the weather as hot as it’s been lately, what could be better than some cool brews?

Wine & Beer?

Wine lover and beer lover? Having trouble making up your mind? No problem, with the Jerusalem Wine Festival running four days, and the Beers festival running three days, why not go to both (though it might be a good idea to take a day off in between, or maybe look for a tea festival).


For information about other wine and beer (and other good stuff) events, have a look at my calendar of events.




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