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More Wine Events Over the Next Few Days

As I suspected, I missed a few events for the coming weekend. Thanks to Meir for bringing them to my attention. I have also added these events to the calendar.

I’m sure I’ve still missed some, but by the time I find out about them they’ll probably be history.

Enjoy and Chag Sameach!

May 30th: Wine & Cheese at Recanati Winery

Recanati Wine & Cheese (30 May 14) - short Read more…


Wine Events Over the Next Few Days

With Shavuot quickly approaching there are wine events all over the place. To try to keep on top of all of these events I have started a Google calendar of wine events in Israel, and have made it public for everyone to use.  For convenience, I have created a more-or-less easy to remember link: bag.gy/yossiswineevents

Here’s a rundown of the events I know of through the end of the month. I’m sure there are more that I just didn’t hear about, but I think these are enough to keep us all busy (and tipsy).

May 27th & 28th: Bikurim Wine & Cheese Festival in Haifa

Bikurim Wine & Cheese Festival Haifa (28-29 May 14) Read more…

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