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Margalit and Bar-Maor Wineries Launching 2012 Vintages

Starting today and running for three weekends the Margalit and Bar-Maor wineries are launching wines from their 2012 vintages.

Margalit logo

Bar-Maor logo

Both wineries will be be holding their tastings on March 28/29, April 4/5, and April 11/12. Margalit will be open 10:00 – 14:00 and Bar-Maor will be open 10:00- 15:00. Read more…


Festival Update

As promised, new and updated information about the Festival of Wine & Plenty.

Festival of Wine & Plenty 2014 Banner - English Read more…

Festival of Wine and Plenty at Ramat Hanadiv – April 9 & 10

Exciting happenings are afoot! Patience, I’ll get there shortly.

The part of the country I call the Rothschild Region, centered around Zikhron Ya’akov and Binyamina, is the heart of Israel’s modern wine industry. In the late 1800s the Baron Edmond de Rothschild (“The Benefactor”) began importing French rootstock to establish vineyards in this region, and in 1882 he founded Carmel Mizrachi, Israel’s first and largest winery.

If ever there was a place in Israel for a wine festival, this is it. Hundreds of dunams of vineyards, including some of Israel’s oldest and most established, produce over a dozen varieties of grapes in and around the towns and agricultural settlements founded by the Baron. Three of Israel’s largest and most important wineries (Carmel, Tishbi, and Binyamina) and countless boutique wineries are here.

Yet for some reason, there are wonderful wine festivals in the Judean Hills, in the Galil, in the Golan, in Tel-Aviv, in Jerusalem, but none here. Read more…

Reuven Winery – First Visit

This posting is soooo late; my day job is interfering with my avocation 😦 . My apologies to Ayala & Eilat.

During Hol Hamoed Sukkot I finally visited the Reuven Winery located in Givat Ada. Considering that the winery is just a few kilometers from home, this visit was long overdue.

In recent years many grape growers in the Zikron Ya’akov – Binyamina region have established their own boutique wineries. With control over almost everything but the weather, these growers can select the best grapes for their own use, giving them a leg up over others who must buy grapes. The Reuven Winery is a perfect example of this trend.

After making small quantities of wine for personal use and to share with friends, and with the encouragement of his wife Ayala, vintner Eilat Ben Moshe took a wine making course, and in 2006 the two of them opened the Reuven Winery.

Reuven is an estate winery with some 45 dunam of vineyards (Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Petit Verdot, and Muscat) that were planted by Eilat’s father, after whom the winery is named. Most of the grapes are sold to the Carmel winery, with about 3,000 bottles worth of hand picked grapes reserved for their own wines.


Read more…

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